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TIPS™ Super Tee

$1.00 each

Tested and endorsed by one of the top pro golfers and long ball hitters in South America,Mario Hurtado.

Can a tee add yards to the distance on your drive? YES! This newly developed high performance tee, the TIPS, is now placed in the capable hands of Starting Time to deliver the goods!

  • Add extra yards to your shots
  • Minimize off-center hits and improve control
  • Your choice of three sizes
  • A superior friction-free tee - Ball sits on eight small points atop flexible PVC hollow tubing
  • Designed for maximum distance with oversize drivers
  • Years of testing, including ROBOTIZED swing test, results with a superior tee

Reusable, durable and affordable
This new tee will not only increase the yards off the tee, but also reduce side-spin and tee friction. A golfer like Mario, who averages more than 335 yards off a wood tee, averages 343 yards off the TIPS. This is why he is an unqualified endorser.

He says the TIPS are "Exceptional!"
After you play with TIPS Super Tees, you will, too!

To place an order please email:tom@closeoutservices.com