Special Liquidation Deal

Starting Time Carry Well® Umbrella Holder

$2.00 each. Only 1 lot of 260 units.

Whether the umbrella is for shade or shower, Starting Time has the perfect answer! The versatile Carry-Well Umbrella Holder is of the same high quality material as other Carry-Well holders, but at a low price!

The potential for damaging skin cancer and other skin problems are now recognized by golfers as matters to be concerned with. That's why, in addition to rainy weather, it makes sense to have a Carry-Well Umbrella Holder!

  • One nylon lanyard is all that is required to securely hold the umbrella handle inside the sturdy holder
  • All types of golf umbrellas will fit in the Carry-Well holder
  • Constructed of welded steel, coated with shiny chrome finish
  • Top quality at a low price!
  • While on the course, protect yourself from showers, heat and skin damage with the Carry-Well Umbrella Holder along with your umbrella!

To place an order please email:tom@closeoutservices.com