Looking to get into purchasing wholesale products for your company? Maybe you want to start up a retail business and want to know where to get started.

We have created our Frequently Asked Question section to... Well, you get the idea! Below are answers to some common questions about wholesale purchasing and the wholesale business in general. If you have any questions you would like answered send us a question through Contact Us or visit our Forum and join our discussion community.

Wholesale Business FAQs

Should I try Ebay?
Yes. One of the many good things about Ebay is that it is very easy and inexpensive to use. If you already have a business Ebay can be a profitable, alternative distribution channel. If you are just starting out, give it a try by listing a few products in order to see what happens. The Ebay market place will tell you if you have something to offer. Keep in mind that it is important to have some edge: something different, cheaper or more accessible. Ebay is potentially very rewarding for a number of reasons so check out the possibilities for your particular situation. There is little to loose and lots to gain.

Do you dropship?
Yes we do. Just let us know the address of your customer along with the order. We will take care of the rest.

Is pick up available for your merchandise?
Yes. At our warehouse in Mansfield, Ohio by appointment.

How do I know who I am doing business with and if they are credit worthy?
For as long as I can remember we would request credit reference sheets for new customers and vendors. Today we save a lot of time by checking out Ebay profiles and Paypal history. Nothing is full proof but a good Ebay feedback rating is all I need to make a decision.

I would like to resell the merchandise I buy from your store. Do you accept New York Retail Tax ID Number to forgo paying tax on New York orders?
Closeout Services Corp. has been in business since 1989. We are a wholesale company and sell world-wide to all sorts of businesses.

No tax is charged to your order, BUT if your business is in New York, TAX could be charged if we do not have on file your New York Retail Tax ID Number.

To avoid being charged NY Tax, please Click Here to email your Business Name, Address and Tax ID to us, or fill out the New York State Resale Certificate Form and fax it to 917-297-5838.

Hi there, I have recently opened up my very own Ebay store and I was wondering how you come across wholesale and liquidation lots such as these. Do you work with a certain group or something. Any help is appreciated. Glenn

Manufacturers contact me when they want to closeout merchandise. I am a liquidation/wholesale closeout company with fifteen years of experience buying and selling 1000's of different items. This has afforded me a sense of what to pay for merchandise and the financial capability and confidence to purchase very large quantities when the best liquidation opportunities present themselves. Unless you want to develop this kind of business on your own your best bet is to purchase from a few select companies in the wholesale closeout business. Get to know the owner and make some deals of your own for whatever quantities you can handle. You will be one step from the source but can still mak great deals without taking huge risks.

Hi, Thanks again for the lights. Is it OK to use your Pictures for my web site? Scott

Sure. The photos in my Ebay store and on my website are available for my customers. Just drag and drop the desired photo to your desktop. Save yourself some time and money. My pleasure. Sincerely, Tom David Lewis.