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Fix Master™ Divot Repair Tool

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$1.50    200 Units =    $300
$1.25    500 Units =    $625
$1.00  1200 Units = $1,200

Can a tee add yards to the distance on your drive? YES! This newly developed high performance tee, the TIPS, is now placed in the capable hands of Starting Time to deliver the goods!

  • The easiest and most convenient ball mark repair tool on the market!
  • Easily attaches to the end of any putter
  • The grass is actually lifted from below, reducing damage of grass roots
  • No need to bend over while repairing ball marks
  • A ball marker located in the cap can be personalized in up to four colors
  • Very positive test results by GolfTestUSA
  • Clamshell retail package Size: 4" x 7".
  • Can be hung from peg board. Attractive counter display and header

To place an order please email:tom@closeoutservices.com