Special Liquidation Deal

Fix Master Pro™Divot RepairTool

$1.00 each Min. Order 200 units.

This hand-held version of the original FixMaster does the same magic of
helping the ball marks on the putting green heal faster!

  • Easy to carry and use
  • The three-prong design is superior to two-prong divot repair tools
  • Keep it in your pocket until ready to repair a ball mark
  • Proven to repair ball marks 40% faster and perfect every time
  • Comes with handy ball marker that can be personalized in up to four colors.
  • Very positive test results by GolfTestUSA
  • Perfect gift item or tournament prize!
  • Retail Package Size : 4" x 7".

If you create ball marks, you should also repair them - and there is no easier or
better way than with FixMaster and FixMaster Pro! At this price, no one can say "no"
to doing their part in helping making their putting greens better every day!

To place an order please email:tom@closeoutservices.com