Special Liquidation Deal

Master Clean™ Ball & Club Cleaner

$1.00 each. . Only 1 lot of 250.

Everybody likes to play with a clean golf ball and a clean golf club.
The Master Clean™ will do both, all wrapped up in a neat little tube that beats a big wet towel every time.

  • Removes dirt and grass stains that cover your golf balls
  • Quickly removes dirt from club face and grooves
  • When you start your round, simply wet the inside of Master Clean and roll it back up using the Velcro closure
  • Outside stays dry while the inside cleans!
  • Push the dirty ball through the tube and it will exit sparkling!
  • Velcro strip on outside cleans the grooves of your clubs
  • With convenient clip, Master Clean can hang from a bag, from a belt loop or it can be folded into a pocket
  • Can be easily personalized for golf events

Playing with a dirty ball or club face is now a thing of the past with Master Clean!
A MUST HAVE accessory and great gift for every golfer!

To place an order please email:tom@closeoutservices.com