Debbie J. Palmer started out in the design industry by knowing from early on that creativity would be a part of her life. She attended Manhattan's Music and Art High School, and graduated from the Parson's School of Design with a degree in Fine Arts and Package Design.

Working her way up to Vice President of Design for Estee Lauder Worldwide brought out more of her creative soul. Her 12 years of work in design there resulted in her own name and her own style of make-up accessories, including compacts and atomizers.

Her attention to detail and her love of fine things in life became the hallmark of her own created line, the Debbie J. Palmer Collection. Pulling from influences of jewelry design, fine art and the fashion industry, she has come to practice her creative dream. She says, "Owning a piece of my Collection should feel as if you've given yourself a special gift every day." has a piece of the Debbie J. Palmer Collection, the wholesale Wholesale Perfume Atomizer by Debbie J. Palmer. Made of silver plated brass and a sleek geometric design, this atomizer has the look of a vintage make-up accessory, and at the same time boasts the quality of the high-end design name, Debbie J. Palmer. Comparing in size to a large lipstick tube, it holds 1/4 ounce of perfume and mists evenly from a customized pump.

Wholesale fashion accessories are some of our best wholesale items, and the Debbie J Palmer name is seen in high-end retailers such as Victoria's Secret, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.