Debbie J. Palmer: About the designer ...

For Debbie J. Palmer, the challenge of creating a unique line of personal accessories was not particularly daunting. "I certainly drew from my own life experience." Says the designer, "I was always hoping to find that special, elegant accessory that would make me smile and feel as if I was in on a luxurious secret."

Born in Cincinnati and raised in New York City, Debbie found an outlet for creativity early in life. She attended Manhattan's Music and Art High School and graduated from the prestigious Parson's School of Design with a degree in Fine Arts and Package Design.

As Vice President of Design for Estee Lauder Worldwide, she combined her talents in the arts by creating many of the world's most popular solid perfume and pressed powder compacts. Of her twelve years with the company she says, "Mrs. Lauder was instrumental to my growth as an artisan. Her extraordinary vision and uncompromising taste level remains an inspiration to me even today."

Combining her love and passion for beautiful things, Debbie J. Palmer created the Debbie J. Palmer Collection by drawing from the world of fine art, jewelry design and fashion. Attention to detail is the cornerstone of her design philosophy. "Owning a piece of my Collection should feel as if you've given yourself a special gift every day."

Today, Mrs. Palmer is a wife, mother of three, and businesswoman who is sharing her beautiful line of accessories with women, like herself, who believe they deserve the finer things in life.