Squeeze Ball with Adjustable Arms and Legs

Price per piece: $1
Pieces per case: 360

SKU: 3396

Style: Planet Man
Price per case:
Sale price$360.00


→ Provides an avenue of release for pent-up stress tension.
→ Great physical therapy for arthritis and other nerve/muscle conditions.
→ Stands alone on a desktop with open arms, always ready for a hug.
→ Easy to grip and squeeze when needed for stress relief or therapeutic maneuvers.
→ Stands 4 1/2" high with a 6 1/2" open-arm spread.
→ Face area blank to adorn with your favorite team logo or your own artwork.

► Soccer fans, players, and coaches will definitely want to have one of these cute novelty stress relief balls handy when they're watching their favorite teams play. If the action gets to be too much to handle, let Soccer Ball Man help you out by giving him a big ol' squeeze to release some of that pent-up pressure. Makes a great therapeutic tool for sufferers of arthritis and certain muscular conditions. Great for the office, too! The face of the ball is blank and can be adorned with your favorite team's logo or your own personal artwork.

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