Large 6" Pink Paddle w/Metal Buckle & Snap Closure Tag

Price per piece: $2
Pieces per case: 96

SKU: 7056

Price per case:
Sale price$192.00


  • EYE-CATCHING AND EASY-TO-IDENTIFY DESIGN: This leather luggage tag stands out with its large and colorful design, ensuring that your bag is easily spotted in a sea of luggage.
  • GENEROUS DIMENSIONS FOR MAXIMUM VISIBILITY: With an overall measurement of 6 inches by 4 inches for the tag and a 3/4-inch wide strap with a 3-inch drop, this luggage tag offers ample space for easy identification.
  • VERSATILE USAGE FOR VARIOUS BAGS: Ideal for more than just luggage, this tag can be used on school bags, golf bags, and more, providing a stylish and functional identifier for all your belongings.
  • STITCHED LEATHER CONSTRUCTION FOR ENDURING DURABILITY: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this luggage tag features stitched leather construction, ensuring long-lasting durability for your travels.
  • SECURE ID COVER FLAP WITH STURDY METAL SNAP CLOSURE: The ID cover flap is equipped with a robust metal snap closure, offering a secure and protective enclosure for your personal information.
  • EFFICIENT METAL BUCKLE FOR QUICK AND SECURE ATTACHMENT: The luggage tag is designed with a metal buckle that fastens the tag securely to your luggage handle, ensuring a quick and reliable attachment.

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