Garden Song Musical Wind Chimes Outdoor

Price per piece: $4
Pieces per case: 12

SKU: 5085

Price per case:
Sale price$48.00


  • PLEASANT: Our unique wind chimes produce a melodious soft and pleasant ringing tone when metal tubes ringer catches some wind.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Attractive design of a musical G-Clef symbol with 8 metal tubes ringer hanging in the center.
  • STURDY: Sturdy wrought iron pole holds chimes in place. Perfect to place in garden, patio, or hang it on the porch.
  • STAND POLE: These outdoor wind chimes come with a stand pole that breaks down into three 16" sections that screw together for easy assembly and storage. Stands 48" tall when assembled, and before inserting into the ground.
  • SIZE: Chimes range in length from 4 3/4" to 7 1/2" with about a 1/2" graduation between each note.

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