Chass Banker's Desk Analog Alarm Clock & Calendar

Price per piece: $5
Pieces per case: 20

SKU: 13671-81221

Price per case:
Sale price$100.00


  • PORTABLE ALARM CLOCK: Small alarm clock measures 4"H x 4.5"W x 2" D, professional, yet casual appearance. Can sit and blend well on any desk or tabletop.
  • SMALL ANALOG CLOCK: This calendar clock comes with a small analog clock, battery-operated, runs on a single "AA" battery.
  • HEAVY-DUTY BUILT: It's a simple alarm clock so it's well built, heavy profile, weighs nearly 2lbs. Can be used as a paperweight if you like.
  • MANUAL CALENDAR: The calendar is manual and comes with scroll wheels to manage it, the calendar must be set manually every day using scroll wheels.
  • LOUD ALARM: Our analog alarm clock has a loud alarm sound for heavy sleepers, the alarm can be set using the manual dial located on the back, and can be turned on/off using the alarm power switch on the back.

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