Alligator Garbage Disposal Retrieval System.

Price per piece: $3
Pieces per case: 24

SKU: 10443

Price per case:
Sale price$72.00


The Alligator is designed to retrieve items that have fallen into the garbage disposal, though it is not limited to this one task. The comfortable pistol grip, the powerful needle-nosed jaw grips, and the powerful LED light work together to make this a must-have gadget to keep handy in any kitchen with a garbage disposal. When used with disposal, a device to spread the rubber flaps has been included (this tool may not be needed on all disposal models). In the stored position, the Alligetter's handle is folded shut, the jaws are closed, and the light is off. To use the tool, simply unfold the pistol-grip handle and you're ready to go. LED light and switch can be removed for cleaning of the tool when necessary. Includes instructions for how to use it.

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