6-in-1 Travel Game Case

Price per piece: $8
Pieces per case: 24

SKU: 11598

Price per case:
Sale price$192.00


* Six popular games in one convenient travel case for play any time, anywhere.
* Compact case measures approximately 5.5"W x 5.5"L x 1.75"H.
* Magnetic chess & checker pieces for stable play while in motion.
* Includes the following games:
* Dominoes ~ full set of 28 six-dot game tiles -Checkers -Chess -Backgammon -Cribbage board & pieces
* Plastic coated playing cards (standard 52-card deck).
* Deluxe padded carrying case with metal hardware fastener & hinges.
* Comes in a plain white cardboard box suitable for gift wrapping.

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