The Rich Jerk is one of the few internet marketing ebooks written with attitude. Flicking a finger or two at the more conservative members of the internet marketing fraternity. The book is written with some style, humor (at least I think it's a self parody!) and thought.

I recently (five days ago) purchased the internet marketing program from the rich jerk. I must say, I'm impressed. So far I've been able to fully implement only one of his ideas and I've made over $100 in just three days. I know that's not a lot, but there's no doubt in my mind that I'll make plenty before I'm through.

Several of his ideas I'd already learned about by doing internet searches, but there are so many more that I had not heard of. His e-book is very short (less than 50 pages) and concise, but is packed full of great ideas. I highly recommend buying his program. Even if you only learn one new idea, it will more than pay for the small investment.

Chapter 1: Creating an Affiliate website that sells like crazy

The opening chapter includes detail on affiliate networks to join and some interesting insight into 5 strategies to us in drafting your sales letter. The book gets off to a good start with some unique content in the first few pages and a sense of humor.

Chapter 2: Unique Search Engine PPC strategies - that kill your competition

A basic introduction into Adsense/Adwords and other ppc channels leads quickly into an interesting (Ed - and profitable, I can vouch for that) strategy for combining the two for a successful campaign that can be duplicated time and again with different keywords.

Chapter 3: Search Engine Optimization strategies

Includes some basic SEO advice, nothing you wouldn't get from reading this site or these articles. If you purchase this book it will be for the strategies and insights not the "nuts and bolts" SEO

Chapter 4: Selling your own informational product (e.g. internet marketing ebooks)

Including tips on selecting your product and building your site. This chapter is one of the hubs of the book and even includes sections on recruiting affiliates to sell your product and gathering email addresses for newsletter follow ups. This is one of the best chapters in the book.

Chapter 5: Buying wholesale and selling on e-bay

Interesting, if only for the way in which some scam operators work (the author does not condone this behavior). But to me this method is much more work than the affiliate marketing route and the schemes he outlines in the early chapters.

Chapter 6: Websites you can make profitable right now (and be a rich jerk)

Some thought provoking ideas with interesting analyses of highly profitable websites to kick start the grey cells.

Chapter 7: Other online ventures to consider

After writing 6 chapters of commendable, fresh and interesting content the authors common sense takes a bathroom break and supplies a disappointing list of "other ventures" not hugely relevant to the reader.

Chapter 8: Supplemental info for beginners

Common sense returns and after the "padding out" of the last chapter a sensible guide to the basic techniques and terminology used in affiliate marketing is provided.

Chapter 9: Quality products/services I recommend

A good list of supplies and services available, sorting the good guys from the bad. Again, this list is pretty much the industry consensus (including this site) and for this reason does not add value to your purchase.


The book is an excellent resource for the less experienced. Be prepared that it will lose it's way in one or two chapters and the authors style is one you will love or hate. I personally think it is one of the best internet marketing ebooks for a while. It is concise and still contains fresh, unique content that I have yet to see cloned in other offerings, which is usually the case.

User Reviews

5 of 5 stars Excellent Information! The Rich Jerk's Anti-Marketing Tactics Of Knowledge And Wisdom Will Blow Your Mind! It Is Both Engaging And Humorous. I'm Now Making $1000-$1500 A Day Because Of This Program. Thanks R.J.

5 of 5 stars Excellent Product Worth Its Weight In Gold I must say that 1 star review was quite shameful, that person obviously has no clue about making money online and has never even bought the product or any useful product for that matter. At any rate, I love the product I can go back and look at it from time to time and implement new strategies that I previously didn't catch. Quite professionally done with a strong converting sales letter, highly recommended.

5 of 5 stars Excellent Information Product We have to say that this is possibly one of the most interesting information products released this year. There is definitely some information here that you need. Did you know that you can now get this product for $49?

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