Stuffed animals are A Great Wholesale Buy

Stuffed animals, or plush toys as they are referred to in the industry, generated $1.3 billion in sales in 2006 according to the Toy Industry Association, Inc. The products that fall into the category of stuffed animals includes a growing variety of licensed characters and generic subjects alike. Stuffed animals appeal to everyone from infants to seniors. One of the common traits of stuffed animal lovers is their tendency to collect, and the great thing about collectors from a retail perspective is that they are very often repeat customers. Repeat customers can help build your business.

Wholesale Stuffed Animals Pricing

One unfortunate reality is that the price of a wholesale stuffed animal is often a reflection of the quality. There are very few sources for wholesale stuffed animals that offer high quality plush toys at prices that leave room for resellers to both move inventory and make a profit at the same time. The key is to find a reputable wholesale supplier that can provide stuffed animals and other great wholesale products at true wholesale pricing. Our inventory of wholesale stuffed animals is acquired through large liquidation buys that we make either directly from the manufacturer or often from businesses that have suffered financial hardships. The great news is that these situations allow us to buy very high quality merchandise from name brand manufacturers at pennies on the dollar, and pass the savings on to our customers.

We have a Wide Variety of Stuffed Animals

Our warehouse is brimming with stuffed animal products such as teddy bears, dog stuffed animals, horse stuffed animals, gorilla stuffed animals, cat stuffed animals and many other top selling themes. Many of our wholesale stuffed animals are priced below what a national retailer would pay because of the liquidation sourcing that we are able to take advantage of. That translates to incredible profit margins for our customers. Selection, quality and a true below wholesale price is what you can get at Closeout Services. Click here to view our selection of Wholesale stuffed animals

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