When in business one needs to constantly try new things(especially if the cost is low) so I decided to offer answers to questions related to the closeout wholesale and liquidation business. Maybe I can expand my business and help out at the same time. Below is a summary of my experience in the wholesale and liquidations business.

1.Seventeen years in the closeout liquidation wholesale business.

2. Buying and selling deals constantly.

3. Experience with a huge variety and quantity of closeout merchandise.

4. Ebay Power seller status with a successful closeout wholesale Ebay store and a 99.9% feedback profile.

5. Over 1400 transactions on Paypal.

6. Experience with a top notch web designer.

7. Time well spent studying the negotiation process which is very important to success in business and everyday life.

8. A perfect warehouse operation with over 1100 pallets of merchandise at world beating prices.

Having been in the business for quite a while, I have experienced a lot and I would love to share any information that can help my customers. If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

Sincerely, Tom David Lewis.