After many years in the liquidation business, negotiating for 100's of deals and sometimes getting my head handed to me, I decided to study the art and science of negotiating. I needed to improve. I recognized the discomfort that comes from just winging it and the loss of valuable time, energy and money that comes if you don't have , understand and follow a decent strategy.

Several years later after much work and lots of successful negotiations under my belt I decided to offer some coaching. I will help my clients through a particular negotiation or give them some ideas of how to think about the subject and what books to look at in order to begin to reorient and function at a higher level. The results can be spectacular and the ideas can be used almost every day in all sorts of ways. Negotiating is an essential skill so it is a great idea to put some effort in this direction. The end result will be big savings of money, time, energy, and protection of one's emotional well being. Much less frustration will present itself if you are guided instead of flying blind.

You may recollect the feeling of discomfort in some past negotiation where you were not sure of the next step to take, the next thing to say , not to say, do, not do etc. This tentativeness can be overcome by understanding some important principles and or using a good coach in order to proceed correctly. Like a game of chess there is usually a next best step to take in order to get the best possible final result. Not always the perfect result you want but the best opportunity to try and get there. I will coach you through a negotiation or just lead you to the material and help you with the material as you begin to learn.