Is that wholesale product right for you?
Our warehouse is full of great products that have below wholesale prices and huge resale potential. One of the most common responses from new customers is their amazement at the quality and value of our closeouts. When they actually get their hands on the items they are blown away at the value. After hearing this response again and again over the years, we decided to offer our products in small lots, or what we call sample lots in order to allow customers to order a very low risk lot of an item to make sure that it is what they expected before ordering a custom lot of the item. This has been one of the best "advertising" efforts to date in our business. Once customers place their first order, they keep coming back.

Small Lots, or What We Like to Call Sample Lots

One interesting benefit to this approach of offering small lots or sample lots has been that we have become one of the only online sources of true below wholesale products available to the public. We have traditionally offered small or sample lots at near the same prices as the custom lots in order to allow our customers a virtually risk free way of evaluating a product before they buy a much larger quantity. What has evolved is a long list of customers who would have never been able to find wholesale products at true liquidation prices. We now have a long list of schools, non-profit groups, smaller retailers, and even individuals who are meeting some real needs with our products. Everything from thank you gifts for volunteers to patriotic gifts for soldier's friends and family supporting them back here at home. We are glad that our products are meeting needs in the business world as well as the community.

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