In a way the liquidation and closeout business is really a recycling business. All kinds of merchandise is liquidated or closed out periodically and many potential homes exist for these surplus items because of their drastically reduced prices. Each kind of closeout merchandise has a regular life, originally at a fairly high price and a second life at a much lower liquidation price.

The first hard part of this business is finding a great deal worth buying and reselling or recycling. The second hard part is making the match or finding the home. Both can be done with lots of hard work, a willingness to take a position in some special merchandise opportunities and lots of patience and imagination.

The potential is limitless because there are all sorts of organizations with merchandise needs that should be filled by terrific bargains.

My company is Closeout Services Corp. I buy large amounts of excess or unwanted inventory( mostly simple general consumer merchandise) from other companies all around the country. Everything is then shipped into a warehouse in Ohio. From there it gets sold and distributed to my customers via my website, my Ebay store, and other channels. I am actively trying to put together a large email list of organizations ( schools, churches, universities, charity outfits, etc. These organizations appreciate and need to purchase merchandise in quantity at rock bottom prices. Since we have some of the best deals available it is a great fit. I already have a customer base that includes this category but want to expand it as much as possible.