Buy new closeouts and liquidated merchandise exactly the way you want to.

Pallet lots and truckloads of assorted merchandise that you buy blind are for the birds. Now you may have less than a pallet, a pallet or a Truckload of closeout merchandise of your choosing. No more taking chances. You decide and know exactly what you are getting. We will make up the order with whatever items you prefer.

We don't try and force you to buy by the pallet or truckload or expect you to buy anything blind without knowing exactly what you will receive. I would never buy anything that way and don't expect any of my customers to do so either. But we do offer a better opportunity: Make your own order. Cases, a Pallet or a Truckload, with the quantities and items you choose at the same below wholesale listed prices on our website. All items are new and packed beautifully. No pigs in a poke. Please try to keep the order at a minimum of about $500$-1000 give or take a bit. It takes a fair amount of of work and time to break cases and repack etc. but if this is what you need or want then we will do it.