102,000 vinyl organizers. What will we do with all of them? I was compelled to buy them for my customers because the opportunity was too good to pass up, but I did not know how it was going to play out. This is part of what we in the liquidation business offer. The willingness to take a gamble that someone will be able to benefit by the products we invest in. Hopefully, sometime in the not too distant future.

At first nothing happened. Not very encouraging or confirming of my decision. Then out of the blue a small cosmetic businesses figured out that it was a perfect case for the kits they wanted to make. Bingo! The orders started flowing in. At first one cosmetic company called then another and then a third. We have moved over 40,000 to date. Who knew?

We found a good home for one of our items and those three businesses found an unbelievable deal. Not sure about this but the pricing may even have allowed these businesses to do something that otherwise would not have been possible. The price we were able to offer was fabulous. Real liquidation deals are. Nothing compares. It is the fit between product and user that is hard to put together. It can take a long time but that is the nature of our business.

There will be other inventive uses discovered for our little "Shiny Black Vinyl Organizer" and we will be there to help out with the best deal possible. Until they are all gone and we start wishing we had more.