Buxton Minimizer Wallet -- Ladies Leather Wallet at Wholesale Wallet Cost

Let's face it -- the pocket is outdated. Invented and utilized by women beginning in the late 17th century for under garment apron-like storage, it began with practicality in mind, and morphed into a clothing staple for both men's and women's pants and overcoats.

What once carried pocketwatches, handkerchiefs and loose change is now too small to transport necessary everyday items like money, credit cards, multiple keys, remote locks, chapstick, and ID cards...not to mention a photo or two of the ones we love.

Now, pockets are mainly utilized by casual hands and the dabble of sweets that elderly people are always ready to share. Instead, the general consumer needs a wallet, and a genuine leather wallet lasts the longest.

Consider the Wholesale Buxton Minimizer Leather Wallet sold on Closeout Services for $1 each and retailing normally for $18. This wholesale ladies wallet is made of genuine leather and contains multiple credit card pockets, a hidden billfold, two ID windows and a snap closure for loose change. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, fit undetected in your pocket, and hide the myriad of life's necessities your customers need to get them from home to work and back again.

Purchase the Buxton Minimizer wallet at way below wholesale prices, mark up for re-sale, and watch your wholesale business customers purchase them, shopping for those long-lasting products to carry their everyday items that just won't fit in their pockets anymore.

Information from: Historic New England Magazine and Wikipedia.