We bought a liquidation costume jewelry deal for our customers. About 20,000 dz. pieces. A tasteful variety of nicely packaged assorted stuff. We lucked out when a NJ company decided to exit the business and liquidate their inventory. We bought a small quantity to start and liked the product so much we went back and made a deal for everything they had in the warehouse. Turned out to be about 240,000 pieces. We are comfortable with the investment in this special liquidation deal and very happy to store them safely in our Ohio warehouse , ready at any time to , ship to our customers as needed.

The price we are able to offer is unbeatable.

All of the pieces come in a cellophane wrapper and have a hanger for displaying individually. Almost all of the items are sorted down by a DOZEN PER SET. When the set is a necklace it comes with a pair of complimentary pierced earrings. When the set is a stretch bracelet it comes in a dozen set, with the small full beaded strands coming in groups of three or four strands. A majority of necklace sets come in a dozen count with 3-4 different color groupings within that set. The quality of this fashion jewelry is known to have been sold in boutiques, mall stores and at home parties therefore it has a quality look that will be appreciated. There is a broad range of stretch bracelets, necklace & earring sets and chandelier earrings….etc.