Remember to Focus on the 2 or 3 things you must do to further your mission and purpose and let the rest take a back seat. There are so many different tasks to consider , that running a business, especially by yourself , becomes confusing at times and the focus can fade into the details.

I recently experienced this uncomfortable mess. Something didn't feel right so I did a gut check and discovered the loss of focus.

This is my mission and purpose:

To create value for our customers by purchasing substantial quantities of general merchandise only under extraordinarily advantageous conditions. To keep our warehouse full of goods and ready to ship at all times. To make it easier, cheaper, and more fun for our customers to do the things they want and need to do. To help them by being flexible when taking orders, by shipping quickly, carefully and cost effectively, and by guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

It reminded me that in the liquidation closeout business there are two main areas for laser like focus. Finding and making the spectacular deals(where it all starts) and finding and informing the customers who will benefit( the other critical half). Every activity needs to support these goals as directly as possible.

If something feels off do a gut check and get back on track.