We could all think of a better name but that is what my first big customer for this kind of liquidated merchandise christened them. "Dead Licenses." He was always looking for them and we at closeoutservices.com are too.

It is an interesting category in the closeout business because many large opportunities result from all the hype surrounding temporarily hot licenses.

Licensed goods are almost never closed out while they are popular but when they begin to fade, watch out! They "die out" quickly and all the stuff is dumped on the market. Cheap! That's when we like to make some deals. We don't care if the damage to the brand is permanent and or how bad it will be so we take it on, give it a new life at a much lower price and make the goods available to our customers. A great way to create some value out of a tough situation.

Sometimes we eve get lucky. Sailor Moon came back strong as did Pokemon. Hulk and Ninja Turtles, not so much.