Here is a simple example of how a business can take it's owner in a direction never expected. It reinforces the idea that we should always be open to listening to what our businesses are telling us and able to put aside the preconceived notions of where we originally wanted to take it. This is a pretty important concept to remember so here is an example to illustrate:

In the short span of one week I get three orders, all for balls. Footballs , soccer balls, basketballs and stress balls,. All of the orders turned out to be from Louisiana so I am wondering what's going on.

As it turns out they all needed inexpensive balls to throw from their parade floats. They did a search, and I am sure they were shopping for price, and so they found my website and I ended up with some new customers.I never thought that Mardi Gras would be a holiday to focus on but I learned that lesson, very happily, and now maybe I can move more purposefully in that direction for next year. From now on I will also be on the lookout for special deals that would be appropriate for my new customers. Business is fun when it surprises this way by teaching its owner. Let it take you for a nice ride now and then.