Made an interesting and unusual liquidation deal today with a wonderful company making a unique and popular product.

Interesting because the company makes the best quality, licensed character , rubber ducks in the world. Unusual because both sides in the closeout deal agreed to do something out of the ordinary. Both stepped out of their comfort zones and decided to give it a go together.

We agreed to pay a bit more than usual for the discontinued product . They agreed to closeout the merchandise for the first time and to deal exclusively with us as distributor for all of their closeouts going forward.

Time will reveal how this deal actually unfolds but we believe the agreement is a good one. They will have some control over where their merchandise is sold since they can always discuss this with us. We understand their concerns and look forward to protecting the brand and helping out in any way possible .

We get to build a customer base for this item and look forward to additional product over time.

Both sides developed respect and admiration during the process of negotiating this deal. The honesty and willingness to help on both sides allowed trust to grow. It was earned but it happened fast which is always worth shooting for.