The primary objective of every business is profit. The easiest way to make higher profit is to buy low and sell high. But when profit reaches stagnancy, it's time to buy even lower. Let's look at buying products below wholesale.

Wholesale Buying

The buy/sell process involves more than wholesale product and consumer. It can involve a chain of distributors in the middle, each with an additional markup, which ultimately drops in the lap of your buyer. Each markup drives buyers further away from purchasing your product. Let's shorten the chain -- get your below wholesale product to your retailer at the lowest possible price.

Where is a quality cheap wholesale product? Consider these sources:

Wholesale Products from Wholesalers

Buy a cheap wholesale product from a wholesaler that stocks your merchandise. Open an account and start buying, keeping your eye on price fluctuation and promotional products. Opening multiple accounts guarantees your supply will not run out.

For example, below wholesale handbags are a product Closeout Services sells in small quantities. Buy the wholesale product, add your markup, and target your retailer. Other below wholesale products include wholesale watches and Buxton wallets, tv products, and other wholesale novelties.

Wholesale Products from Liquidators

Even though their product stock varies, liquidators purchase new products at even lower below wholesale prices because of off-season sales, slow selling products, or bankrupt sellers. Product variety is a perk for you.

Wholesale Products from Importers

A great source of below wholesale cheap products, importers mainly deal with large volumes. They are a good source of new products.

Wholesale Products Factory Direct

Cutting out the middleman is your advantage here. Similar to importers, they also look to sell in volumes; however, because of internet access to the buy/sell world, purchasing these cheap products at below wholesale is an easier process.

International Business Trade

Purchasing at below wholesale and selling after your markup has created a business trade, sometimes involving international wholesale products. Cutting out the manufacturing and processing will boost your profit margin. Your new gross profit can revolve back into your business, fill up your wallet, pay for a tropical vacation, or reward you with less time at your job and more time doing what you'd rather do.