Growth Chart - Surfboard Gro Chart With 12 Moveable Height Stickers

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Product Description

Growth Chart - Surfboard Gro Chart With 12 Moveable Height Stickers - Measures Up To 5 Feet Tall- It really is amazing to watch your children grow up so fast. With Babalu's new Surfing Gro Chart, you can have fun and track your children's height. The chart measures height up to 5 feet tall and comes with removable height stickers. These stickers can be written on to help identify the date and name of each child. Inside the keepsake box is a fantastic record sheet to keep track of children's names, weight, parents' names, interests, and other fun facts like when they began walking for the first time. Children grow up so fast, have fun and keep track of it for the future. Surfs up!!

From the Manufacturer

What a fun way to keep track of your growing child's height. The surfboard growth chart has 12 removable stickers (or they can be affixed permanently) to keep track of your growing little one. Then, when the child is older you can put it away in a keepsake box to look back on.

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