Alpha Outpost Survival Multitool Original 22-in-1 Card for Camping Gear

Price per piece: $3
Pieces per case: 300

SKU: 11998

Price per case:
Sale price$900.00


  • ✔ EASILY STORED AND CARRIED - This handy wallet tool contains everything you need to survive if you ever run into an emergency situation.
  • ✔ 22 TOOLS IN 1 - The old version of the Credit Card Tool was only an 11 in 1 kit. Makes it perfect dad gifts. Alpha Outpost takes it to the next level by offering a more premium Survival Pocket Tool with 22 Gadgets in one. The Tools in the card are as follows: 9x Fish Hooks, 4x Snare Locks, 1x Arrow Heads, 1x Fork, 2x Sewing Needles, 2x Saw Blades, 1x Awl.
  • ✔ PEOPLE WHO NEED THIS ENJOY- Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Geo cashing, So if you are a camper, Fishermen, Hunter, Hiker or Geo Casher then this product is for you. A great gift to go along with our compact binoculars for adults.
  • ✔ PACKAGED in paperboard envelope.
  • ✔ SIZE- Measures 4"W x 2"H.

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