Lotion Applicator for Back

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  • BACK LOTION APPLICATOR: Handy tool for applying lotion, cream, gel, sunscreen, moisturizer, ointment, or medicine to hard-to-reach areas on the back.
  • BIG APPLICATOR PADS: Pad measures approximately 13.5"L x 2". Pad is reusable and replaceable, 2 replacement pad is included, easy to replace, just peel and stick, each pad will last for several application.
  • LONG ERGONOMIC HANDLE: This long-handled lotion applicator comes with an ergonomically designed handle with a ringed grip and thumb/finger rest for a comfortable handgrip.
  • EASE OF APPLICATION: Rod of this lotion applicator is angled at each to provide ease of application. The reinforced head plate allows the user to apply proper pressure for effective lotion application.
  • FULL BODY REACH: This body lotion applicator can reach all parts of the body including all parts of the back, legs, and feet. Great for full-body tanning oil application.

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