eDiva Pink 12pc Makeup Brush Set with Leather Case

Price per piece: $3.50
Pieces per case: 40

SKU: 11851

Price per case:
Sale price$140.00


A full array of professional brushes for face, eyes, and lip makeup applications. The overall dimension of the storage tube is approximately 9.25"H x 3.25" in diameter. Hardshell storage tube with pretty Fuschia faux leather covering. The storage tube opens to provide divided storage while applying makeup. Snaps on flaps provide secure closure while not in use.


Powder Brush, Angled Blush Brush, Stippling Brush, Concealer Brush, Allover Shadow Brush, Medium Shadow Brush, Crease Brush, Smudge Brush, Brow Brush, Angled Liner Brush, Lip Brush, Brow Comb Brush

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