Special Liquidation Deal

Wandarama Set of 2

$4.00 Per Set.

- Includes 2 Wandarama Wands, 24 tinsel toys, 2 sticker sheets, and a fun tips guide.
- Hours of fun for the entire family.
- Great for parties and get togethers.
- Each wand uses 2 "AA" batteries (not included).
- Wandarama is a unique and fascinating toy that commands attention.
  Use the wand to make tinsel shapes float, hover, and dance in mid-air without them touching
  anything...like magic! How does Wandarama work? Simple. Each wand contains a miniature
  Van DeGraaff generator that products static electricity, the same thing that makes your hair
  stand on end or shocks you when you shuffle your feet across carpet and then touch something       metallic.
- When the Wandarama wand becomes charged with static, it creates a force field that will expand
  and suspend a silvery shaped tinsel object about 6-12 inches above the end of the wand.
- Air currents will carry the shapes away from the original position.
- It's almost magical to watch, and a whole lot of fun to play with.

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