- Nylon Tow Rope - 13 Ft. Retractable In Roulette Casing.
- Rugged design for dependable service.
- Small hooks increase number of connection options.
- Self-closing gates on hooks to prevent slippage.
- Tear resistant nylon webbing supports up to 3,600 lbs.
- Nylon rope retracts automatically into casing, keeping it horizontal at all times.
- Compact design, fits into box 6" x 6" x 4" , making it easy to use, easy to store.

Nobody likes being stuck, especially with no hope of getting out. With this heavy-duty retractable tow rope in the trunk or even under a seat in the cab of a pickup, you'll be prepared for just such an emergency, whether it is to be rescued or to help rescue someone else. Just take the unit out of the box, attach one hook securely to the stuck vehicle and the other hook to one doing the pulling. Gently move the rescuing vehicle forward until the rope becomes taut and begin the process of pulling the stuck vehicle to safety. When the job is completed, simply unhook the ends and let the rope recoil into the casing. Supports up to 3,600 lbs. of tension. Can be used for towing a vehicle to another location in the event of a breakdown, but be sure to check with your local towing ordinances as many municipalities have banned this type of towing for safety reasons.

- 300 unit

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