Special Liquidation Deal

Strong Magnetic Sheets

(Size : 12 x 10 inches)
1 pallet of 3200 pieces @ $0.60 each.
Smaller quantities @ $1.00 each.
Limited quantities. 1 pallet per customer.

- 12 x 10 inches high quality strong magnetic sheets.
- Post with magnetic side to any metal surface like your refrigerator.
  Can easily be cut by scissors to smaller size.
- Just peel the white sheet and affix your children's artwork or your loved
  one's photos to the adhesive side.
- Great for magnet calendars, Photos , fridge message holder, School projects,
   Advertising, Magnet Business cards.
- Flexible enough to roll and strong enough to put on the car or any metal surface.

To place an order please email:tom@closeoutservices.com