- Other building blocks are great, but it sure does hurt when you step on them. There’s no other pain quite like it. Well, that problem has been solved thanks to these Soft Blocks Foam Floating Brick Blocks. Step on them all you want. It won’t hurt.
- With these, your kids can have fun and you don’t have to worry. You get a set of 36 soft construction blocks. They are bendy, interlocking, and even water friendly. They are the perfect solution to kids leaving their toys on the floor.
- Soft Blocks Foam Floating Brick Blocks.
- For Ages 3 Years and up Set of 36 squishy, soft construction blocks, in four primary colors of red, blue, yellow, and green.
- Step on ‘me – it doesn’t hurt!.
- Bendy, squishy, and water friendly (bath time fun!).
- Perfect for accident-prone kids (or adults).
- Carrying case included.
- Qty - 1000 sets.

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