Retail and Mail Order Packaging $4.00 - Some retail package and some Brown Box

Pouch Painter Liquidation

3,200 in the retail blister packaging

1,540 in mail order packaging Brown Box

Pouch Painter is the world's most ingenious no-spill painting solution.

Each Pouch Painter combines a high-quality utility smock with a no-spill paint bucket. This simple design lets you climb ladders with both hands and paint around the house with ease.

Pouch Painter is super easy to use. Just fill the paint container… replace the spill proof lid… slide it into the pouch…and you're ready to go! Your Pouch Painter holds up to 1.5 quarts of paint. Best of all, when you are done, just pour the unused paint back in the can and wash your Pouch Painter with soap and water. Used by professionals, Pouch Painter is the no spill way to paint!

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