Special Liquidation Deal

Kitchen Appliance Handle Covers Set of 2

$1.50    500 Units =   $750
$1.25  1000 Units = $1250
$1.00  3000 Units = $3000

- These decorative Handle Covers are easy to use, easy to store and easy to wash.
- This set is complete with a 15 3/4" long Oven Handle cover and a 10" long Refrigerator handle cover (can also be used for most Microwave handles!).
- Simply unfasten the velcro closure in back, wrap around the desired handle, position where you like, and refasten the velcro.
- Stores easily in a cabinet drawer when not in use.
- Made of 100% cotton Felt and Polyester fiberfill.
- Hand or machine wash on gentle cycle, cold water, allow to air dry.

To place an order please email:tom@closeoutservices.com