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Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps

$2.00  Set Of 2 

  • Spot Lion Wrist Wraps are not just another pair of heavy duty weight lifting wrist wraps.
  • Because these are NOT cheap/flimsy wraps.
  • These wrist wraps, which come with a premium leather label are designed and created for you.
  • We know from experience that weight lifters, bodybuilders and crossfitters want gym wraps that not only work, but are comfortable and look good.
  • You're going to see strength gains in the gym, and you're going to be comfortable while doing it.
  • STRONG - Our 18 inch x 3 inch HEAVY DUTY wrist wraps are strong; not cheap and flimsy like some other brands.
  • You're in the gym pursuing strength. It's no question you should have strong wraps.
  • Colors: Black, Black with white stripes, Red with white stripes, White with black stripes.

To place an order please email:tom@closeoutservices.com