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Hand Held Pet Washer

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$3.00   100 Units =   $300
$2.00   500 Units = $1000
$1.25 1000 Units = $1250

- This pet washer attaches to any garden hose for summer baths outdoors, and comes
  with its own hose and bathtub/sink adapter for hassle-free baths indoors
- The back-scratcher design aims powerful streams of water into your dog's coat, washing
  away even deep-down oils and dead skin that can make your dog smell like, well, a dog
- Wash and Rinse your Pet in Less than 5 Minutes
- 4 powerful streams of water jet from the fingers
- Pets truly love the feel so they will stay in place for washing-it feels like a back scratch!
- Very deep and effective cleaning of even the oiliest hair
- Fingers penetrate way down below the hair to scrub the skin
- Floats dirt up, out and off of pet
- Keep hands out of harsh shampoo and water
- Usable in all weather
- Valve included for control of water flow for around eyes, ears, and nose!
- Ergonomic design allows effective washing of even the legs, chest, tummy and tail

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