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Gel Easy Mat

$6.00 each. Last lot of 600 units.

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- Mat Size : 18" x 28".
- Weight : 6 lb 10 oz.
- Colors : Chestnut and Mocha.
- Product of "As Seen on TV"

Gel Easy™ is great for...

- Cooking
- Doing dishes
- Folding laundry
- Ironing
- Kneeling
- Hair and Makeup in front of the mirror
- Working in the Basement or Garage
- A more comfortable workout mat
- A cool, soft surface pets LOVE

- Hours of standing on hard surfaces can really take a toll on your body. Between cooking, doing dishes, folding laundry and other household activities, those hours add up fast! Now there's Gel Easy™, the soft, stylish, shock-absorbing gel mat that takes the pain out of your daily routine.

- Finally! The same support professionals rely on in hospitals, stores and salons is available for your home. The secret inside Gel Easy™ is a breakthrough patent-pending gel matrix that conforms to the contours of your feet. The luxurious leather-like surface stands up to the toughest scuffs and stains. Gel Easy™ is water-resistant, and fit for any floor (wood, ceramic, even cement).

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