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Declaration of Independence & US Constitution

$0.50 each

- America's two most historical documents in a pocket-sized paperback book.
- Measures a convenient 3.25"W x 6"H x 0.125" (1/8") thick.
- Package of 12 books to share with family & friends.
- Printed on quality paper with durable faux leather cover.
- Handsomely printed cover with gold ink typeset and American Flag image.
Contains 48 pages of historical information including:
    *Facts and information about our country's Founding Fathers.
    *Fascinating facts about the United States Constitution.
    *Important dates related to the Constitution.
    *The Declaration of Indepence.
    *The United States Constitution.
    *Amendments to the Constitution.
-  A wonderful gift for a child or new citizen to the USA.

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