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Blufire Digital Pedometer

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The BluFire™ PD-20 pedometer works everywhere. Keep it on your belt, in your bag, or in a
pocket. 3D MotionCheck™ provides trusted, accurate results. Digtal 3D MotionCheck™
Technology Accurately counts every step and differentiates between walking and running

Product Features :

- Target step count feature for setting a distance goal and viewing your progress
- Features the latest in 3D MotionCheck™ technology
- Fits on belt or loose in pocket/purse
- Measures distance traveled and calories burned
- 7-day memory
- Clock displays time, date, stopwatch, and alarm
- Integrated built-in FM radio with headphones
- Backlit LCD
- Lightweight design/solid push buttons
- Stores walking/running stride distances
- Fully accurate for walking/running straight or diagonally
- Unique clip with flip-up feature for easy display view
- They are beautifully packaged for retail. Our sample worked fine but we
  are not sure if new batteries will be needed or not
- Size : 2.5" x 2.25" x 1.125" (6.35 x 5.72 x 2.86 cm)

The BluFire™ Pedometer has seven basic modes :
1. Time (Default Screen)
2. Walking Summary
3. Memory Summary
4. User Data (Age, Weight, Pace Walk, Pace Run, Goal)
5. Pace
6. Alarm
7. Stopwatch

Kit Includes :
- BluFire Pedometer
- Headphones
- Owner's Manual
- Two 3V Lithium Batteries

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