Model # 4057 An extendable pointer (25 inches) with an alligator clip at end. Stainless steel with chrome trim.

Collapses down to size of a traditional ball pen. Fits in a shirt pocket.
We used to sell a lot of these to various gas utility companies around the country, where the service
personnel would safely light gas heaters in individual homes by extending the pointer out and then
putting a lighted match in the clip. Could also be used for home fireplaces.
Then the sales just seemed to stop. We have 2,870 in inventory

Model # 4600 Traditional ball pen but with a stylish curved clip. Have 2340 to sell. Mostly red and blue but also a few green.

Model # 5627 We call this model “Elan”. Ball pens with pull off cap. Will have new refills installed if you purchase.
We have a total of 4700 pens….2400 white, 500 black, 1800 navy blue. Units are plastic but with metal
Golden trim as per picture.

Model # 6720 Heavier ball pen. Made of brass with a shiny black lacquer coating. Clip is made to look like a golf club.
Sold a lot to various golf clubs and companies for golf outings. Have 500 in inventory. Still sell a lot but
Customers seem to prefer our green color so we are going to retain the green and close out the black.

Pocket Knife # 9002
We still have a wide variety and many different pocket knives and used to sell them very heavily.
Ever since 9-11 and airport security sales of pocket knives have declined.
Our quantity to you is 4500.

Desk Top Calling Card Holder # 9100
Made of solid Walnut. We have 550 units to sell.

Sold Out

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