- Automobile Traction Mats - Vehicle Rescue Anti-Slipping Device.
- Strong & sturdy ~ supports up to 3 tons.
- Two cleat patterns to accommodate various terrains.
- Works on snow, mud, sand, slush, etc.
- Made of high tensile polymeric composite.
- Easy assembly & disassembly.
- Sturdy storage bag with zippered opening.
- 6 - 5.5" x 9" interlocking plates, up to 54" total length.

Don't ever get stuck in the mud, snow, or sand ever again! These rugged and handy anti-slipping device traction mats will come to the rescue and get you and your vehicle out of trouble and on your way. They are designed to handle more than three tons of weight, yet they are so easy to carry and store. The unique cleat patterns offer maximum traction and the multi-directional pivoting of the plates make them easy to use on inclined or uneven surfaces. The bright orange color makes them stand out against any surface they are used on, and they are suitable for all types of road conditions. These Automobile Escaper traction mats from The Dakota Watch Company's Expedition product line are a must have for anyone who lives in areas where it snows.

- Qty - 400.

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