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Air Purifier Humidifier

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One lot of 432 units. $3.00 each

- Our air purifier humidifier humidifies the air through the process of cold evaporation.
- Vortex cleaning action uses intense "rain forest" mist to "wash" and purify the air.
- Enhances the neutralization of odors by dripping optional essential oil into the
  water, meanwhile bringing you the therapeutic effects.
- Easy maintenance, no filter or wick to change or clean.
- Effects of revitalized air can be noticed after a few minutes of use.
- Quiet blower fan with adjustable fan speed.
- Soothing LED light adds ambiance to an environment.
- Lightweight and portable.
- Ideal for offices and travel too! Includes AC Adapter UL Listed.
- No wick or filter to change or clean.
- Humidify the air through the process of cold evaporation.

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