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Road Warrior-1 Connectivity Set

Every type of USB and Firewire cable and connector you will ever need, packed in a convenient organized leatherette zip case for easy transport. Cables can also be imprinted. Call for more information.

Optical mini laptop mouse with retractable cable.

Hands free kit for voice communication via notebook with retractable cable.

Retractable RJ45 network cable.

Retractable RJ11/12 modem cable.

Retractable USB-A male to USB A female connectors (Extension cable).

Retractable male 6-pin to male 6-pin Firewire connector (Extension cable).

USB AM to USB AM (camera, scanners).

USB AM to USB BM (camera, cell phone).

USB AM to Mini USB 4M B type (MP3 player, PDA, cameras).

USB AM to Mini USB 5M B type (camera, Mp3 players, PDA, & others).

IEEE 1394 6 pin F to IEEE 1394 4 pin M.

USB-A Male to USB-A female connector.

2 MAle 5-pin connector.


40 pcs./33 lbs.

Size : 5.56" L x 6.56" W
Qty : 320

To place an order please email:tom@closeoutservices.com