Staple Removers with Highlighter Pen

Price per piece: $3
Pieces per case: 30

SKU: 10066

Price per case:
Sale price$90.00


  • HANDY HIGHLIGHTER: Handy highlighter pen on the opposite end. Bluntnose safely slips under the spine to remove staples quickly and easily. Magnet on shaft lets you keep it handy and convenient.
  • QUICK AND EASY: Straight edge staple removers do the job quickly and easily without tearing the paper or injuring the skin.
  • SIMPLY SLIPS: The blunt nose simply slips under the long edge of the staple, and as you push it forward the blade widens to spread the tines of the staple open, making it easy to pull out.
  • CAP TO COVER: The square end of the tool has a cap that covers a yellow highlighter pen, and a button magnet on the side of the casing lets you keep the tool handy by sticking it wherever it is most convenient to you.
  • SIZE: 9/16” W x 5 5/16” L.

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