Peace Sign Wind Chimes

Price per piece: $8
Pieces per case: 48

SKU: 11958

Price per case:
Sale price$384.00


- Model: Wind Chime
- MPN: 7496
- Condition: Brand new
- Material: Steel
- Type: Mobile
- Size: 2.25" D X 0.5" W
- Color: Multi-Color

→ Attractive, nostalgic design with colorful peace sign theme.
→ Overall hang approximately 18" from extreme top to bottom.
→ Ringer dimensions are approximately 2.25" in diameter, 1/2" wide.
→ 2-ounce metal ringers provide soft, pleasant ring tones.
→ Brightly painted with purple, yellow, red, blue, and green peace signs.
→ Beautiful clear beads on support strings glisten brightly in the sunlight.
→ Perfect to hang on a porch, patio, or on a garden pole.

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